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Night owls in Dallas, Texas may well have something to hoot about. A new TXU electric service plan could save Dallas customers hundreds of dollars annually on their electric bill. With TXU's new plan, customers will be able to do laundry, run the dishwasher or even run the big screen television all night long after 10 pm and not pay a dime!

In an attempt to get people to take advantage of off peak hour pricing, and lessen demand on the electric grid during peak hours, TXU is offering Energy Free Nights 24 plans, which provide for free night-time energy between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, every night for the entire length of the customer contract.

By shifting as little as ten percent of a customer's power usage to these free electricity hours, company experts estimate that customers can save over $200 per year, while reducing peak-hour electricity grid demands.

This is just one of many discounts, incentives and bonuses being offered by Dallas electric companies in order to lure customers in to the various providers who have flooded the electricity market since the Texas State Legislature voted to deregulate the electricity market in 2002. Customers can take advantage of a whole slew of different plans, prices, contract terms and discounts being made available to electricity consumers on a daily basis.

Many Texas Consumers are Overpaying for Electricity

Unfortunately, recent research indicates that a large percentage of Texas residents are not aware of, or are not taking advantage of these discounts. While electric rates are as low as 7 cents per kilowatt-hour in many places throughout the state, many residents in those areas are paying nearly double that amount. In some cases they may passed the end of their contract, and not realizing that their electricity contract has lapsed, they are simply paying a much higher rate.

Consumers would be well-advised to examine their electric bill, and determine the rate per kilowatt-hour that they are paying for their electricity. A number of sites are available to compare rates from one company to the next, as well as to educate consumers about the various types of rates, considerations and so forth that go along with them.

Rates for electricity in Texas, and especially those offered by various Dallas electric companies are lower than ever, and Texas residents should be taking advantage of these discounts. If your bill is not as low as it should be, you may not be maximizing the benefits afforded to you by the State's deregulation of the electricity industry and the continued low market price of natural gas. Take the time to investigate - you could save a lot of money on your electricity bill!

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