Deregulation Has a Big Impact on Houston Electricity Rates

If you live in Houston or anywhere in the state of Texas for that matter, then deregulation has brought good news. This change in laws has had a drastic impact on how residents of the area look at electricity and electric service providers. Are you familiar with deregulation and what it means for you? In a moment, you will see the impact it has on Houston electricity rates, but first, let’s discuss just what it is.

In this country, it is important that no one company have something called a monopoly. When one company has total control over their niche of the market, they can basically charge what they want, offer what they want, and treat customers how they want. As you can imagine, this causes big problems. Up until recently, electric companies had that kind of monopoly. For example, when you moved into a new home, you only had one option for energy: to use the services of whatever provider served your area and to accept their Houston electricity rates. This was creating monopolies that did not control electric companies very well. Deregulation essentially breaks this apart, making it so you can choose from a variety of different power companies for your energy services.

As you can imagine, this has a big impact on your freedom to choose. You can have total control over the type of electrical power you have in your home, but that is not the only impact that the deregulation has had. Now, electric companies have competition. They cannot just charge whatever they want because this would drive customers away. Just imagine what this means for Houston electricity rates. For once, you are not forced to pay just whatever the company charges. Instead, you can shop around at different companies and compare Houston electricity rates. You may just be surprised at how much money you could save each year.

Thanks to the new laws in energy deregulation, you have the power to choose the electric company that you prefer, and even more important than that, the rates charged for electricity are more controlled just by the power of competition. You can save money by comparing your options, and you can easily compare with Shop Texas Electricity where you can compare rates, compare savings, and compare options. This will make it easy for you to choose the right company for your Houston energy services, companies, and plans.

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